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Label: V2

StereophonicsMy Friends (CD, Single),2007,UK | 1754688

StereophonicsWord Gets Around (CD, Album, 2),2010,UK | 5330159

Jungle BrothersFreakin' You (CD, Single),2000,UK & Europe | 707.1172.3

Lethal BizzleAgainst All Oddz (CD, Album),2005,UK | JAD1036202

JaimesonTake Control (CD, Maxi),2004,Europe | JAD5021733

JaimesonTake Control (CD, Maxi),2004,UK | JAD5021738

Lethal BizzleFire (CD, Single),2005,Europe | JAD5035653

UnderworldBeaucoup Fish (CD, Album),1999,UK | JBO1005438

UnderworldBeaucoup Fish (CD, Album),1999,UK | JBO1005438

VariousDiana, Princess Of Wales - Tribute (CD, Comp, 2),1997,UK | VVR1001052

Ben ChristophersMy Beautiful Demon (CD, Album),1999,Europe | VVR1008142

Ben ChristophersMy Beautiful Demon (CD, Album, 2),1999,Europe | VVR1008148

Mercury RevAll Is Dream (CD, Album),2001,Europe | VVR1017522

The DatsunsThe Datsuns (CD, Album),,UK & Europe | VVR1020962

The DatsunsThe Datsuns (CD, Album),2002,UK & Europe | VVR1020962

StereophonicsYou Gotta Go There To Come Back (CD, Album),2003,Europe | VVR1021900

Liberty XBeing Somebody (CD, Album),2003,UK | VVR1023562

The CribsThe New Fellas (CD, Album),2005,UK & Europe | VVR1032792

Paul WellerAs Is Now (CD, Album),2005,UK | VVR1033202

The TearsHere Come The Tears (CD, Album),2005,Europe | VVR1033862

Paul WellerAs Is Now (CD, Album, 2),2006,UK | VVR1038232

StereophonicsPull The Pin (CD, Album),2007,Europe | VVR1048562

MandalayThis Life (CD, Single, CD1),1997,UK | VVR5000113

MandalayThis Life (Remixes) (CD, Single, CD2),1997,UK | VVR5000118

The Kings Of Infinite SpaceCool (CD, Single),1997,Europe | VVR5000483

MandalayFlowers Bloom (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5001273

MandalayFlowers Bloom (Remixed By Alex Reece And PFM) (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5001278

Heather NovaLondon Rain (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5001883

Heather NovaLondon Rain (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5001888

Billy CrawfordUrgently In Love (CD, Single, CD1),1998,UK | VVR5003063, 707.0306.3

Billy CrawfordUrgently In Love (CD, Single, CD2),1998,UK | VVR5003068, 707.9306.3

StereophonicsThe Bartender And The Thief (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5004653

StereophonicsThe Bartender And The Thief (Live From Cardiff Castle) (CD, Single),1998,UK | VVR5004663

AbdyFinek (CD, Maxi),2000,France | VVR5014428

Mo-Ho-Bish-O-PiPlayboy (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5015903, 707.1590.3

StereophonicsMr. Writer (CD, Single, CD1),2001,UK | VVR5015933

StereophonicsMr. Writer (CD, Single, CD2),2001,UK | VVR5015938

ElbowRed (CD, Single),2001,Europe | VVR5016153

StereophonicsStep On My Old Size Nines (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5016253

StereophonicsStep On My Old Size Nines (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5016258

Mercury RevNite And Fog (CD, Single, CD1),2001,UK | VVR5017723

Mercury RevNite And Fog (CD, Single, CD2),2001,UK | VVR5017728

StereophonicsHandbags And Gladrags (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5017753

StereophonicsHandbags And Gladrags (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5017758

Liberty* – Thinking It Over (CD, Single),2001,UK | VVR5017773

ElbowAsleep In The Back / Coming Second (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | VVR5018703

ElbowAsleep In The Back / Coming Second (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | VVR5018708

Liberty XJust A Little (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | VVR5018963

Liberty XJust A Little (The Mixes) (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | VVR5018968

Liberty XJumpin' (CD, Single, CD1),2003,UK | VVR5023543

Liberty XJumpin' (CD, Single, CD2),2003,UK | VVR5023548

Liberty XEverybody Cries (CD, Single),2004,UK | VVR5023553

Liberty XEverybody Cries (CD, Single),2004,UK | VVR5023558

ElbowForget Myself (CD, Single),2005,UK | VVR5032548

Lethal BizzlePolice On My Back (CD, Single),2007,UK | VVR5044933

PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (CD, Album),2009,Europe | VVR702468

PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus Phoenix (CD, Album, 2),2009,UK & Europe | VVR721723

Die AntwoordTen$ion (CD, Album),2014,Europe | VVR793076

Number of releases: 58