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Label: Search And Destroy Records

FightstarBe Human (CD, Album),2009,UK | SADCDA002

FightstarThe English Way (CD, Single),2008,UK | SADCDS002

FightstarMercury Summer (CD, Single),2009,UK | SADCDS004

FightstarNever Change (CD, Single),2009,UK | SADCDS007

Lethal BizzleGoing Out Tonight (CD-R, Single),,UK | SADCDSP012REMIXES

FightstarBe Human (Deluxe Edition) (CD, Album, 2 inc.1xDVD),2010,UK | SADCDX002

ShvpesGreater Than (CD, Album),2018,Europe | SPINE790943

RefusedWar Music (CD, Album),2019,Europe | SPINE799918, 00602577999185

Bullet For My ValentineGravity (CD, Album),2018,Europe | none

Number of releases: 9