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Label: Rising Records (3)

Mae's Lost EmpireThese Words Have Undone The World (CD, Album),2010,UK | CD073

Opposite SidesLost Inside (CD, Album),2010,UK | CD078

Exhibit APortrait In Rhyme (CD, Album),2009,UK | RISING CD062

InarcadiaAmongst Mere Mortals (CD, Album),2010,UK | RISING CD079

Crimson FallsFragments Of Awareness (CD, Album),2011,UK | RISING CD082

Kill ChambersThe Reckoning (CD, Album),2011,UK | RISING CD097

Fourth AutumnMock The Weak (CD, Album),2013,UK | RISINGCD104

Open The SkiesConspiracies (CD, Album),2007,UK | RRCD0025

SanctorumThe Heavens Shall Burn (CD, Album),2006,UK | Rising CD008

Nightshade (9)The Beginning Of Eradication (CD, Album),2008,UK | Rising CD041

Forlorn (2)The Rotting (CD, Album),2010,UK | Rising CD072

Five Days Of RainTaste My Breath After The Fallout (CD, Album),2010,UK | Rising CD077

Number of releases: 12