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Label: Newsound 2000

Tony BennettFinest Selection (CD, Comp),1999,UK | NEW207

Miles Davis1960/61 (CD, Comp),2005,UK | NFM002

Miles Davis1960/61 (CD, Comp),2002,UK | NFM002

Dionne WarwickDivine (CD, Comp),2005,UK | NFM016

Dionne WarwickDivine (CD, Comp),2003,UK | NFM016

Various Rock 'n' RollAt The Diner (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD 001

Various Rock 'n' RollRock N Roll Is Here To Stay (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD 002

Various Rock 'n' RollDream Rockin' (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD 003

VariousDoo Wop Album (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD 004

Various ClassicalOpera - Songs Of Love (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD008

VariousGlam Slam (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD015, nscd015

VariousSummer Of Love (CD, Comp),2001,UK | NSCD020

The Nat King Cole TrioThe Nat King Cole Trio (CD, Comp),1998,UK | NST 005

Peggy LeeThe Lady Is Peggy Lee (CD, Comp),1999,UK | NST 026

Peggy LeeThe Lady Is Peggy Lee (CD, Comp),2005,UK | NST 026

Billie HolidayGod Bless The Blues (CD, Comp),1998,UK | NST 105

Duane EddyGuitar Man (CD, Comp),1998,UK | NST 114

Sarah VaughanThe Magic Of Sarah Vaughan (CD, Comp),1998,UK | NST 118

Frank Sinatra & Dean MartinA Couple Of Swells (CD, Comp),1999,Europe | NST030

Marvin GayeWhat's Happening Brother (CD, Other),1999,Europe | NST036

Sly & The Family StoneAin't That Lovin' (CD, Comp),2000,UK | NST067

Nat King ColeEssentials (CD, Comp, 2),2005,UK | NSTD 250

Various 70sSounds Of The Seventies (CD, Comp),2001,UK | nscd014, NSCD014

VariousAnd The Beat Goes On (CD, Comp),2001,UK | nscd019

VariousMemories Are Made Of This (CD, Comp),2001,UK | nscd022

Number of releases: 25