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Label: Mushroom

Peter AndreFlava (CD, Maxi),1996,Germany | 74321 41112 2

Deni HinesI Like The Way (CD, Single),1997,Europe | 74321 50381 2

Peter AndreLonely (CD, Single),1997, | 74321517152

Dannii* – Get Into You (CD, Single),1994,UK | D11751

Peter AndreI Feel You (CD, Single),1996,UK | D1521

Peter AndreFlava (CD, Single, CD1),1996,Europe | D2003

Peter AndreI Feel You (CD, Single),1996,UK | DX1521

Peter AndreFlava (CD, Single, CD2),1996,Europe | DX2003

Various RockIndependent And Still Taking Liberties (CD, Comp),1997,UK | MID FI 001

Wilt (3)Distortion (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | MUSH103CDS

Wilt (3)Distortion (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | MUSH103CDSX

MuseDead Star / In Your World (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | MUSH104CDS

MuseIn Your World / Dead Star (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | MUSH104CDSX

Peter AndreLonely (CD, Single),1997,UK | MUSH16CD

Peter AndreLonely (CD, Single),1997,UK | MUSH16CDX

Dannii* – The Singles (CD, Comp),1998,Australia | MUSH33174.2

DeadstarSomewhere Over The Radio (CD, Album),1999,Australia | MUSH33240.2

Peter AndreKiss the Girl (CD, Single),1998,Europe | MUSH34CDSP

GarbageSpecial (CD, Single, CD1),1998,UK | MUSH39CDS

GarbageSpecial (CD, Single, CD2),1998,UK | MUSH39CDSX

GarbageSpecial (CD, Single, CD3),1998,UK | MUSH39CDSXXX

Wilt (3)It's All Over Now (CD, Single),1999,UK | MUSH64CDS

MuseMuscle Museum (CD, Single, CD1),1999,UK | MUSH66CDS

MuseMuscle Museum (CD, Single, CD2),1999,UK | MUSH66CDSX

Wilt (3)Open Arms (CD, Single, CD1),2000,UK | MUSH75CDS

Wilt (3)Open Arms (CD, Single, CD2),2000,UK | MUSH75CDSX

Deni HinesI Like The Way (CD, Single),1997,UK | MUSH7CDX

MuseMuscle Museum (CD, Single, CD1),2000,UK | MUSH84CDS

MuseMuscle Museum (CD, Single, CD2),2000,UK | MUSH84CDSX

MuseNew Born (CD, Single, CD1),2001,UK | MUSH92CDS

MuseNew Born (CD, Single, CD2),2001,UK | MUSH92CDSX

GarbageAndrogyny (CD, Single, CD1),2001,UK | MUSH94CDS

GarbageAndrogyny (CD, Single, CD2),2001,UK | MUSH94CDSX

MuseHyper Music / Feeling Good (CD, Single),2001,UK | MUSH97CDS

MuseFeeling Good / Hyper Music (CD, Single),2001,UK | MUSH97CDSX

Wilt (3)Take Me Home (CD, Single),2002,UK | MUSH99CDS

Wilt (3)My Medicine - Radio Sampler (CD, Other),2001,UK | MUSH99CDSP

Wilt (3)Radio Disco (CD, Single, CD1),2000,UK | mush71cds

Wilt (3)Radio Disco (CD, Single, CD2),2000,UK | mush71cdsx

Wilt (3)No Worries (CD, Single, CD1),2000,UK | mush80cds

Wilt (3)No Worries (CD, Single, CD2),2000,UK | mush80cdsx

Number of releases: 41