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Label: Ear Music

Ricky RossShort Stories Vol. 1 (CD, Album),2017,Europe | 0212156EMU

Ricky RossShort Stories Vol. 1 (Vinyl, 12", LP),2017,Europe | 0212228EMU

Lisa StansfieldDeeper (CD, Album),2018,Europe | 0212619EMU

Lisa StansfieldDeeper (Vinyl, 12", LP, 2),2018,Europe | 0212620EMU

Alice Cooper (2)The Sound Of A (CD, EP),2018,UK & Europe | 0212674EMU

MarillionHappiness Is Cologne (CD, Album, 2),2018,Europe | 0212682EMU

Lisa StansfieldDeeper Deluxe (CD, Other, 2),2018,Europe | 0213602EMU

Number of releases: 7