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Label: Cooking Vinyl

Various RockCooking Vinyl Sampler Volume 4 1995 (CD, Comp),1995,UK |

Peter Walker (5)Landed (CD, Album),2005,UK | COOK CD 324

Peter Walker (5)Landed (CD, Album),2004,UK | COOKCD 324PROMO

HansonUnderneath (CD, Album),2004,UK | COOKCD326

Bob MouldBody Of Song (CD, Album),2005,Europe | COOKCD337

Michael MesserLucky Charms (CD, Album),2005,UK | COOKCD353

Michael MesserSecond Mind (CD, Album),2006,Europe | COOKCD362

Michael MesserKing Guitar (CD, Album),2006,UK | COOKCD363

Heaven 17Live At Last (CD, Album),2008,UK | COOKCD469

BuzzcocksA Different Compilation (CD, Album),2011,UK | COOKCD539

Roll DeepX (CD, Album),2012,UK | COOKCD551

SouthUp Close And Personal (CD, Single),2006,Europe | FRY CD 278

Soft CellMonoculture (CD, Single, CD1),2002,UK | FRYCD132

Soft CellMonoculture (CD, Single, CD2),2002,UK | FRYCD132X

CrackerUp Against The Wall Redneck Mothers / Ain't Gonna Suck Itself (CD-R, Other),2003,UK | FRYCD164-CDR

HansonPenny & Me (CD, Single),2005,UK | FRYCD220

HansonPenny & Me (CD, Single),2004,UK | FRYCD22OH

Rosetta Life featuring Billy BraggWe Laughed (CD, Single),2005,UK | FRYCD252

HansonGo (CD, Single),2007,UK | FRYCD291

HansonGo (CD, Maxi),2007,UK | FRYCD291X

The CharlatansOh! Vanity (CD, Single),2008,UK | FRYCD372

The CharlatansOh! Vanity (CD, Single),2008,UK | FRYCD372PROMO

Various RockCooking Vinyl Sampler Volume 4 1995 (CD, Other),1995,UK | GRILL CD 008

The ProdigyThe Day Is My Enemy (CD, Album),2015,UK | HOSPCD005

Number of releases: 24