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Label: Chrome Dreams

All SaintsMaximum All Saints (CD, Other),1998,UK | ABCD 004

SuedeMaximum Suede (The Unauthorised Biography Of Suede) (CD, Other),1999,UK | ABCD 010

Will SmithMaximum Will Smith (CD, Other),1999,UK | ABCD 024

RadioheadMaximum Radiohead (CD, Other),2000,UK | ABCD 055

RadioheadMaximum Radiohead (CD, Other),2000,UK | ABCD 055

Green DayMaximum Green Day (CD, Other),2001,UK | ABCD 078

Green DayMaximum Green Day (CD, Other),2001,UK | ABCD 078

Queens Of The Stone AgeMaximum Stone Age (CD, Other),2002,Europe | ABCD 080

Pink* – Maximum Pink (CD, Other),2003,UK | ABCD0136

Puddle Of MuddMaximum Puddle Of Mudd (CD, Other),2002,UK | ABCD121

Sex PistolsMaximum Sex Pistols (CD, Other),2002,UK | ABCD124

The LibertinesMaximum Libertines (CD, Other),2004,UK | ABCD190

Snoop DoggMaximum Snoop Dogg (CD, Other),2005,UK | ABCD202

Kelly ClarksonMaximum Kelly Clarkson (CD, Other),2006,UK | ABCD222

BabyshamblesMaximum Babyshambles (CD, Other),2006,UK | ABCD224

Green DayCollector's Box (CD Box Set, 3),2005,UK | BSCD6021

Green DayThe Document (CD, Other, 2 inc.1xDVD),2006,UK | CDDVD07

Iron MaidenThe Document (CD, Other, 2 inc.1xDVD),2006,Europe | CDDVD13

Britney SpearsAbsolute Britney Spears (CD, Other),2000,UK | CTCD 7008

S Club 7Absolute S Club 7 (CD, Other),2000,UK | CTCD 7010

The CorrsAbsolute Corrs (CD, Other),2000,UK | CTCD 7012

Green DayX-Posed (CD, Other),2005,UK | CTCD7040

Avril LavigneX-Posed (CD, Other),2007,UK | CTCD7047

Number of releases: 23