Ribble Records

Music database for CDs, Vinyl and music videos (DVD and some Blu-ray format). Many items are available for purchase.

Feature list:
• free to view music videos.
• Artist social media links.
• Easy navigation and quick loading of pages.

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Release Statistics
 format  number  for sale
 Music Video9662
  Index by Genre
Number of genres: 482
Index by Label
Number of labels: 2321
Number of releases in this index: 14976
Index by Series
Number of series: 348
Index by type: Vinyl
Index by type: Cassette
Index by type: Music Video

Update History:
17-jul-2021 16:12 GMT database updated.

Feature Updates:
21-jun-2021 Tiktok added to the list of artist social media links. This will take awhile to complete as there are so many artists in the database now!

Todo List:
• add audio file format. this was temporarily disabled while I did some software code changes. audio file format is for artists that don't have any physical format releases.

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